Avoid a Bad Copier Contract!

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Cost Per Page

In the print world, the most significant number you will have to deal with is the cost per page. Though this number can be less than a penny, it will significantly impact your monthly bill.

Below are the different factors that can impact the amount that you will pay per page and how to save hundreds of dollars each month at each step.

Which Factors Can Contribute to a Higher Cost Per Page?

Age of Equipment

As they age, copiers and printers break down more often. The repairs also take more time to service, which adds to service costs.

Also, if the copier you’re using has been discontinued for more than five years, you can almost guarantee the parts for it will no longer exist. If, by some miracle, those parts are in circulation, they would be a nightmare to track down, adding further to the costs.

How to Save Money Regarding Age of Equipment

If you use newer equipment, you will pay much lower overall costs. The seemingly higher price of a shiny new copier will balance out by needing less service to bring it back to life.

Printed Page Volume

Typically, the more pages a company prints, the lower the cost would be to print each page. Higher print volume can reduce costs per print, as long as they don’t end up paying for unused copies.

How to save money on printed page volume

The best way to protect yourself from overpaying for pages you’re not using is to always sign up for fewer prints than you use on a typical month. 

Sign up for 80% of your average usage. This way, you get reasonable rates for high volume but aren’t paying for prints you don’t use.

Color vs. Monochrome Prints

Monochrome (black and white) prints can cost between $0.01 and $0.05 per page.

Color prints, on the other hand, can cost between $0.07 and $0.15 per page.

One trick you need to watch out for is to make sure you’re not printing “black and white” images in composite gray. Composite gray prints count as color prints and cost you far more money per copy than a standard black and white image.

How to Save Money on Color vs. Monochrome Prints

To prevent emptying your bank account on “color” prints meant to be grayscale, set your copier’s default to “use black ink only.” This simple change can save your business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month in print costs.e

Also, consider if you even need color prints, to begin with. Pure black and white printers are far cheaper and less complicated than their color counterparts. As a result, they will require far less maintenance through years of use.


If you have a local vendor, they can send out their technicians to solve any copier-related issues you may have.

How to Save Money with Location

Work with a local vendor. Close proximity to your vendor will save them money on providing service to you. That savings in costs will get passed onto you, the customer.

Level of Service

No matter the price you pay in the end, your vendor should give you incredible service. However, the more maintenance and add-ons you will need, the higher the price will inevitably be.

How to Save Money on Service

Take inventory of all of your copier needs. A copier rep will likely position every add-on service as a must-have. When you know which add-ons you need, stick to your guns during the copier rep’s sales pitch.

Don’t Let a Copier Rep Scam Your Business Out of Your Hard Earned Revenue.

A copier rep gets paid on commissions. The larger the contract they sign, the larger their checks become. Naturally, it’s their job to sell you everything under the sun, so you need to stay vigilant and understand your needs as well as you can before you speak to a sales rep. Follow these tips when dealing with a copier sales rep; they will save your business thousands of dollars a year.