Saving Money on a Copier

How to Save Money on Copier Color Coverage.

What is color coverage, and how does it affect your bottom line?

Most people, even copier reps, are in the dark about what color coverage. However, copier reps do know how it can affect costs in their favor.

Here, we’ll cover what color coverage is, how it impacts your monthly bill, and how to use this knowledge to keep more of your money in your pocket.

What Is Color Coverage?

Color coverage, in its purest form, is what percentage of color fills a page. However, the maximum coverage for a page isn’t 100%; it’s 380%.

How is this possible?

There are four cartridges in a color printer: black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. Each of these colors covers 95% of the page. If you make a print that’s all black, you will get 95% coverage. However, if you created a copy that’s orange (mixing magenta and yellow), you would be at around 160% coverage.

In other words, each color’s coverage gets calculated separately, and the numbers get added together.

How Does Color Coverage Impact My Monthly Payments?

Many contracts will limit you to 20% coverage. Again, this limit isn’t 20% of the page, but 5% of each color, which totals 20%. So if you have 10% coverage of magenta, 10% yellow, and 5% black, you now have 25% coverage.

Once you go above that 20% total coverage, overage charges will apply and needlessly eat away at your resources.

What Can You Do to Avoid Overpaying for Color Coverage?

There are four tips to follow to keep your color coverage fees under control. Let’s look at each one:

1. Don’t Allow for Overage Upcharges in Your Contract

If you haven’t signed a contract yet, look for any provisions that allow for an additional charge if coverage goes over 20%. If you’ve already signed an agreement and it does have this provision, make sure you keep your historical averages below 20% for color and 5% for black and white.

2. Use Analytics Tools to Verify Coverage

No one can accurately tell how much coverage will occur on a page by looking at the picture. Compile a few test print files and run an analytics tool to make sure the copier isn’t overdoing coverage. Your rep can print these out on the copier.

3. Run High Coverage Prints on Machines with No Coverage Restrictions

If you have any printer that doesn’t have coverage restrictions, run high coverage prints on these machines. Run any low coverage prints through a cheap(er) printer.

4. Remember that Tabloid Sheets Use Double the Toner

Tabloid sheets are two letter sheets put together, so they’ll use twice as much toner. Be careful of this fact when you do any tabloid prints.

Follow These Tips to Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year on Overage Charges.

Now that you understand how color coverage gets calculated, you can take measures to keep more money in your pocket. Follow these strategies, and you will save yourself literally thousands of dollars over the life of your color printers and copiers.