The Dirty Secret of Tabloid Prints (2 Clicks vs 1 Click)

Once you notice it, it’s already too late.

You look at your monthly charges, and you see how many prints your copier company charged you for making.

You thought you printed about 2,000 pages, but you see that your copier company charged you twice that number.

You need to ask an important question: what kind of paper did you use to make these prints?

If You Use Tabloid Paper for Prints, You May Be In for a Rude Awakening.

If your organization uses tabloid paper, it’s essential to know about “2 click vs. 1 click” and why it matters in the copier industry.

A tabloid print is an 11”x17” size paper. In other words, it’s twice the size of the standard sized A4 paper. Because of this size difference, copier manufacturers will count a tabloid print as 2 clicks.

Many manufacturers and copier reps may think that all prints and copies get counted as only 1 click. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If your company is printing out a lot of tabloid papers, those 2 clicks will skyrocket your costs.

If you print a tabloid color image that is usually $0.075 for each print, and you created 2,000 tabloid prints each month, you would get charged an extra $150 per month, over $9,000 over the course of five years.

If you run a lot of tabloid color prints, make sure you work with a copier company that counts a tabloid copy as 1 click.

How to Stop Overspending on Tabloid Color Prints

If you run a lot of tabloid prints, especially high-coverage prints, double-check these two points to reduce your printing costs as much as possible.

  1. Make sure your tabloid prints count as 1 click instead of 2 clicks.
  2. Ensure you don’t have to pay more for coverage over 20%. Since tabloid prints are double the size, that coverage percentage would have to be 10% to be equal.

Follow These Simple to Never Overpay for Your Prints Ever Again.

Copier reps may also assume that one print is one click, and you only get charged for that one print. It’s a logical thought, but not always the correct one. Ask your copier company about your charges with tabloid paper. Asking this one question could save you thousands of dollars in the years ahead.