The Advantages of Leasing a Copier

What are the Advantages of Leasing a Copier

When it’s time for a new copy machine, you have two choices: buying or leasing. Copier leasing has a few definite advantages we think you will find fascinating.

Easier to Budget

Buying office equipment outright requires a pretty large sum of money up front. You’ll also have to set aside a certain amount each month to cover repairs, maintenance, and other expenses. That amount can be hard to determine, particularly when purchasing a used copier.

With copier leasing, you have one affordable monthly payment to keep track of. That payment generally includes repairs and maintenance as well, meaning there are fewer surprises.

Tax Savings

In many cases, leasing can provide you with greater tax savings as opposed to buying. For example, a leased copier could allow you to take advantage of the Section 179 deduction. If eligible, this would allow you to deduct the full cost of the equipment this year even though your lease has not been paid in full.

However, this should not be construed as tax advice. Please consult with a tax professional and then contact us when you are ready to learn more about leasing options.

Upgrade Quickly and Easily

As your business grows, you may decide that your current copier no longer meets your needs. If you’re leasing a copier that’s not a problem. When your lease is up, you can simply choose a more advanced model. In addition, some leases will allow you to upgrade before your contract expires as well.

Constant Technical Support

Experiencing technical difficulties or need help troubleshooting? Our leases will provide you with copier support when and where you need it. You’ll no longer have to feel frustrated because you’re stuck and can’t figure something out.

Reliable Copier Sales and Leasing in Dallas, Texas

Copiers are a crucial piece of office equipment for any business. Here at Dallas Copier, our goal is to help set you up for success. Contact us today, and let’s begin our partnership.