Lexmark: Digital Transformation Initiatives, Cloud-based Print Infrastructure

According to new research conducted by IDC, cloud migration is a top IT priority to support digital transformation. But most organizations that go through this transition phase think that the current infrastructure processes harm their plans. 

With the inclusion of the print ecosystem in the overall planning, various benefits can be exploited, such as: 

  • Better document and print security. 
  • Operational enhancement in printing with leveraged data analysis. 
  • Capability to integrate print with various other technology initiatives. 
  • The capability of moving to the cloud. 
  • Streamlined support with IoT technology. 

For supporting digital transformation, addressing the issues associated with print can be one of the fastest and simplest moves for a firm. 

You can take a simple step in your transition with the help of Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure, and you can avail of this service with the assistance of Dallas Copier. 

You can use services provided by Lexmark to boost your digital transformation. Your overall print ecosystem is the part of your lingering IT system, and 57% say that this lingering system is shoveling, influencing their cloud transition or digital transformation.  

But the thing is, almost half of all essential workflow procedures have significant printing needs. With this solution, you can conveniently move to the cloud and even outsource your IT staff. It provides you with the benefits of data analysis and IoT.

This system allows firms to gain flexibility in scalability and eradicate the IT burden with cloud-native services for print. Moreover, with this platform, firms can acquire print capacity through subscription and shift for owning the print infrastructure. 

Furthermore, with this solution, you can drive operational and overall process improvement using a seamless ecosystem for scanning, printing, and document processing and get all that you need for overall process control. 

Lexmark devices come with the tools to integrate these opportunities seamlessly. For Lexmark copiers and printers contact Dallas Copier today!