IT Department Help

Are you the IT manager for your company?  We work with you to help ensure your systems are set up efficiently and that your people are able to order supplies and service.

We have software to track your prints and we make it super easy to get us the information we need to keep your copier going well.

We also help set up your scanning and connect it to LDAP and we can control who has color access and who does not.  In fact, if you find “Follow Me” printing to be interesting, we can help you with that as well.  Follow me is where people use their ID badge to access their prints.

The main thing we hear from IT if they are looking to leave another copier dealer in Dallas is they don’t want to spend their time fixing copiers.  We make sure you don’t have to deal with consistent service calls.  We love to help our clients not have issues with copiers.

Are you tired of dealing with copiers?  We are here for you!  Give us a call and we can show you how we can help you out.



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